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Does wildfire smoke make your pets uncomfortable? Jafända air purifier can protect their health!

Does wildfire smoke make your pets uncomfortable? Jafända air purifier can protect their health!

Canada has recently suffered a series of severe wildfires, the most serious of which is located in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. The fire has been burning for more than a month, causing the air quality in the area to drop sharply. Due to the large amount of particulate matter (especially PM2.5 and PM1.0) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the wildfire smoke, these harmful substances have a great impact on human health, and also have a negative impact on pet health.

1. The impact of wildfire smoke on pets

Pets are as susceptible to air pollution as humans. The inhalable particles (PM2.5), ultrafine particles (PM1.0) and chemical substances in the wildfire smoke cause irritation to the eyes, mouth and nose of pets, and may even cause respiratory problems. Some chronic diseases, such as asthma and pneumonia, may also worsen due to air pollutants. Especially for pets that are easily affected by pollutants, such as elderly pets, puppies and kittens, they need to pay more attention to protect their respiratory health.

2. The role of air purifiers for pets

In this case of sudden wildfire smoke pollution, choosing a good air purifier to filter out harmful substances in the air is very important, which can protect pet’s respiratory health. Air purifiers equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters can provide clean air by filtering and adsorbing particulate matter, VOCs and other harmful substances in the wildfire smoke. It can create a clean and comfortable environment for pets, keep them away from air pollution, and benefit their healthy life.

Jafända air purifier adopts a triple filtration system that combines HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Among them, the HEPA filter can filter out more than 99.97% of 0.1 micron and above particulate matter in the wildfire smoke; the activated carbon filter can remove VOCs and other chemical pollutants, such as benzene, xylene, toluene, isopentane, propylene and formaldehyde. These components may be present in the wildfire smoke and pose a threat to pet’s respiratory health.

It is especially important to note that during wildfires, pollutant concentrations are high, so try to choose an air purifier with a larger purification capacity (CADR) according to the room area, so as not to affect the purification speed and effect. According to the room size, you can choose Jafända’s JF180, JF260, JF888 and JF999 air purifiers.

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