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How to protect pet’s respiratory health during wildfire smoke pollution?

How to protect pet’s respiratory health during wildfire smoke pollution?

During wildfire smoke pollution, choosing a suitable air purifier can protect pet’s respiratory health, while also paying attention to the following measures:

  • Limit outdoor activity time. During wildfires, try to avoid taking pets out, especially when the smoke is most severe.
  • Provide pets with a good ventilation environment. Open windows and doors to let fresh air enter the room, which is conducive to reducing the concentration of harmful substances in indoor air.
  • Clean rooms regularly. Regularly cleaning surfaces such as floors and furniture can remove deposited dust and particles, reducing the chance of pets inhaling pollutants.
  • Provide pets with healthy diet. Food can also affect pet’s respiratory health. Adjust pet’s diet to high-nutrition and easy-to-digest food, and keep water sources clean.
  • In summary, choosing a suitable air purifier during wildfires is very important for pet’s respiratory health. Jafända air purifier not only can quickly filter out particulate matter and VOC harmful substances in the air, but also safe and reliable and low noise. We sell on Amazon platform with fast delivery speed,and we also provide customers with 1+1 two-year warranty.We hope your pets can live in a safe and healthy environment,let us provide you with the best air purifier guarantee!

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