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How to install and use an air purifier to cope with wildfire smoke days?

How to install and use an air purifier to cope with wildfire smoke days?

This year’s wildfires in Canada have left a painful page in history,not only causing huge property losses and psychological pressure for local residents,but also affecting people’s physical health.Particles such as PM2.In particular,some pollutants contained in smoke,such as PM2,PM1,CO,and NOx,can cause serious damage to our respiratory system.In this article,we will introduce how to install and use an air purifier to cope with wildfire smoke days.

Choose a suitable air purifier

First of all,we need to choose a suitable air purifier.There are many types of air purifiers on the market,but we need to choose an air purifier equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters.Due to high concentration of pollutants during wildfires,we need to choose an air purifier with large clean air volume (CADR)and particle sensor.Generally speaking,it is recommended that it is best to ensure that the space used can be purified more than 5 times per hour.The particle sensor can monitor indoor air quality in real time.This can ensure that the purifier can filter out harmful substances in smoke.

Install an air purifier

After purchasing an air purifier suitable for yourself,we need to install it correctly.According to different models,the installation methods are also different,but generally speaking,the installation process is relatively simple.You only need to follow the steps in the instruction manual.When choosing an installation location,it is recommended that you place the air purifier in a relatively open area of the room,and avoid placing it near walls or obstacles.This can ensure that the air can circulate fully.Generally,the filter of an air purifier is sealed in a plastic bag when it leaves factory. Be sure to remove plastic bag on filter before use.

Use an air purifier

The method of using an air purifier is also very simple.First of all,you need to make sure that purifier is connected to power supply and working normally.Next,you can choose manual or automatic mode.In manual mode,you can adjust wind speed and timing function,to better adapt indoor environment.In automatic mode,air purifier will automatically adjust working mode according to indoor air quality,making it more intelligent.


First of all,we need pay attention filter replacement cycle of anirpurier.Generally speaking,filter needs be replaced every 6 months or longer.During wildfires pollution is relatively large.Filter life will be shortened.Pay attention replace new filter when purification effect becomes worse.

Secondly during wildfires pollution period.To ensure quality.Airpurier needs run long time.Need choose low energy consumption.Airpurier such as Jafanda.Airpurier all use energy saving brushless DC motor.Products have passed US Energy Star certification.Low operating energy consumption.Can save electricity bills.

In summary.Airpurier very practical household essential appliance.Especially suitable cope with wildfire smoke days.While correctly installing using.Airpurier we also need pay attention environmental pollution situation.And take effective measures protect our physical health.

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