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Jafanda JF180 3-in-1 
Desktop Air Purifier

DUAL IN Technology | 3-Stage Filtration System |
Bladeless Fan | Aromatherapy Effects | Ambience Lights


One-Stop Solution for Air

Equipped with a double set of filters to deliver the air Dual-in, Jafanda JF180 can speed up the air circulation, reduce the dead angle of purification, and increase its air purifying efficiency by 40%. 

 Bladeless Fan Cooling Magic

Jafanda JF180’s bladeless fan produces powerful clean air and is also safer than traditional fans. In addition, you don't need to worry about cleaning the dust accumulated on the fan blades anymore, while providing you the clean air to protect your health.

The Ultimate Way to Diffuse
Essential Oils

Jafanda JF180 is offering you the non-heated way to diffuse the essential oils, which can avoid changing the chemical composition of the oil.It is also a diffuser, which produces clean air that also has the refreshing aroma you want your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office to have!

Living a Cozy Lifestyle

Piece of Art

Jafanda JF180 cleverly combines the mixed textured snowflake fabric, which is waterproof, oil-proof, dirt-proof and anti-fingerprint, so it won’t take much effort for daily cleaning. With the sole aim of fitting harmoniously within a room, Jafanda JF180 carries a wonderfully unique aesthetic while providing the domestic environment with a supply of clean, fresh air ! 

Pick the Color that Suits Your Mood

Feeling warm or peaceful ? Choose the ambient light's color according to your mood. It can enter the colorful light mode: white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple will start being displayed in cycles, or lock the current color you like. 

Your Quiet Guardian of Fresh Air

Lets you get quality rest while purifying the air as quietly as a gentle breeze. Or increase the fan speed for white noise.

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