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Smart App & Voice Control

Control your purifier remotely via Alexa and check filter lifespan with free smart App.

TRUE HEPA H13 Air Filter

Certified by the third testing labs to capture and remove 99.99% H1N1 virus down to 0.1 microns.

Dual-in & Dual-out Technology

JF999 large air purifier adopt the latest air delivery Patent Tech, equipped with TWO Fans to delivery the air Dual-in and Dual-out, accelerate air circulation. 

Why Choose Jafanda 

10 years manufacturing experience, top performance quality assurance.

Cleaner and faster 

DUAL IN, DUAL OUT ™ unique design and technology, 40% more powerful.

Less odor

HEPA H13 activated carbon filter eliminates pollutants and smell.

Ultra quiet

Noise down to 22 decibels, sleep better with Jafanda.

Longer filter time

Pre-filter can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner. Quality carbon filter inside to prolong the filter change circles.

Sleep mode

5-stage adjustable fan speed & dimmable nightlight for a tight sleep.


Ozone-free, safer for you, for kids and pet families.

Air Purifier Bundle for Home

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