Extra Large Room Air Purifier

Breathe Easy in Big Spaces: This powerful air purifier filters air in rooms up to 6,862 sq ft.

Dual-In & Dual-Out Air Purifier

Faster Cleaning, Quieter Machine: Purifies air faster with our innovative dual airflow technology.

True HEPA Air Purifier

Breathe Clean: True HEPA Filter Captures Dust, Smoke & Pet Dander

Smart Air Purifier

Control from Anywhere: App & Voice Control for Easy Management

Clean Air for Healthy Living

Breathe Easier: Removes Smoke, Allergens & More

ECARF Certified Allergy Relief Air Purifier

Proven Allergen Reduction for Jafanda JF1500

Real-Time Air Quality Monitor

Tracks PM1.0, PM2.5 & PM10: Monitors Air Quality for Home

High Accuracy Laser Sensor

Cleans Air Effectively: Removes Dust as Small as 0.015 microns

Air Purifier with Leather Handle

Cleans Air Effectively: Removes Dust as Small as 0.01 microns

Award-Winning Air Purifier

Stylish & Powerful: Design Award Winner + Superior Filtration