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This was the first air purifier I purchased and plan on getting one for each of my children's bedrooms. I'm honestly shocked how much dust and dog hair this collected in such a short time.


I got this air purifier because I live in a house that has a lot of pets and a lot of dust. It was well worth the money.


Very happy with the Jafanda JF888. The house has no dust and no pet odor after using it

Robert W Lively

I like this kind of Jafanda Air Purifier for Home Bedroom 780sq. I use it in the family room for now.

Connie P Curtis

Needed something to help clean the air in our cigar lounge so we added one and it made a very noticeable impact as soon as it was turned on.

Dave W.

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Jafanda Story

We Started in 2011

Focused on indoor air pollution control and related new materials research more than 30 years, Our founer Mike deeply realized the seriously harm of air pollution to people's heath. For more people breathing in clean air freely, for our family to have refresh air, we must create professinoal and efficient air purifier with the latest technology.

Jafanda was born.

Jafanda Story

Our Innovation Journey

Jafanda’s commitment to clean air begins with invention. Our air purification technology has been awarded 200 patents, demonstrating our continued commitment to innovation. Our air purifiers we develop have passed quality verification such as ECARF, Energy Star, FCC, ETL, ARB, and PROP65; in terms of product design, our products have won the MUSE Silver Award and the German IF Design Award.
With this innovative spirit, millions of people rely on reliable air purifiers to create a better home environment.

Jafanda Story

Helped Over 3,000,000 People

Since 2011, Jafanda air purifiers have helped improve air quality for over 3,000,000 people and families across the United States and Canada. Jafanda is committed to providing cleaner, healthier air for homes, potentially reducing allergies and asthma symptoms.

Jafanda believes that everyone should be able to breathe clean air, and this belief inspires us to use the latest technology to create professional and efficient air purifiers.

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