Air quality decline? Don’t worry! Our air purifier eliminates harmful substances in your home - Jafanda air quality purifier

Air quality decline? Don’t worry! Our air purifier eliminates harmful substances in your home - Jafanda air quality purifier

Canada has recently experienced severe wildfires, and many areas are covered in thick smoke. And in the past few years, the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide has also made people pay more attention to indoor air quality. Many people who have been infected with COVID-19 have not yet recovered from lung function damage and are again affected by wildfire smoke, which has a greater impact on the respiratory system. Both of these pose a great health risk to pregnant women, the elderly and the weak. At this time, air quality purifier have become an effective solution because they can quickly filter out wildfire smoke, PM2.5 and other pollutants and provide cleaner indoor air.

The actual situation of Canadian wildfires Canada has recently experienced several serious wildfires, the most serious of which is located in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia. This fire has been burning for more than a month, causing the air quality in the area to drop sharply. According to data from the environmental department, the PM2.5 concentration in the area is as high as 300 micrograms/cubic meter or more, seriously exceeding the standard. In addition, smoke also contains some other harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs.

The role of air purifiers Air purifiers are machines that can filter harmful substances in the air. Common filtration systems include HEPA and activated carbon . Among them, HEPA filters can filter out more than 99.97% of 0.3 micron and above particles; activated carbon filters can remove VOCs and other chemical pollutants.

When facing air pollution problems, using Jafanda air purifiers can effectively protect people’s respiratory health. By filtering out harmful substances in the air, air purifiers can reduce the harm of harmful substances to human health, especially during wildfires, using air purifiers can better protect family health.

How to choose a suitable air purifier? When buying an air purifier, you need to consider the following factors: filtration system: common filtration systems include HEPA and activated carbon, etc., choose a suitable filtration system according to personal needs;

  • CADR value: represents the cleaning efficiency of the air purifier, choosing a CADR value suitable for your room size can better filter indoor air;
  • Noise level: choosing a low noise level air purifier can ensure the quality of sleep at night;
  • Safety: air purifiers are electrical products, choosing safe and reliable products is very important.

How to use an air purifier correctly? In addition to choosing a suitable air purifier for yourself, you also need to use it correctly. Here are some suggestions for using an air purifier:

  • Place the air purifier indoors near where the air flows;
  • Avoid placing the air purifier in
  • Obstructing airflow positions such as obstacles corners etc;
  • Regularly replace the filter of the air purifier to ensure its normal operation and filtration effect;
  • Set up the running time and mode of the air purifier according to official instructions.

How to prevent outdoor air pollution from affecting family life? In addition to choosing a good air purifier and using it correctly, you can also take the following measures to reduce indoor air pollution by outdoor pollutants:

  • Close doors and windows to prevent outdoor air from entering indoors;
  • Try to keep car windows closed while turning on car’s air purifier;
  • Use an indoor humidifier which can effectively adsorb PM2.5 particles;
  • Regularly clean household surfaces such as floors furniture etc to remove deposited dust and particles.

In conclusion buying a good air purifier during wildfires is very important it can protect family health Choosing a suitable air purifier for yourself requires comprehensive consideration of factors such as filtration system CADR value noise level etc and you need to use and maintain it correctly while also paying attention to other protective measures such as closing doors and windows reducing car’s indoor pollution etc I hope everyone can pay attention to air quality and protect their own and family’s health.


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