Seven questions you don't know about the air purifier.How to tell if air purifier is working?

Seven questions you don't know about the air purifier.How to tell if air purifier is working?

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More than half of the world's people are exposed to indoor air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, more than 7 million people worldwide die from air pollution every year, accounting for one eighth of all global deaths every year. Among them, about 4.3 million people died from indoor air pollution. It can be seen that indoor air pollution has become the main killer of human health.

We all know the harm of outdoor air pollution, but do you know that indoor air is also fatal?

The answer is yes, because the harmful substances in the air cannot be seen with the normal naked eye. We spend 80% of our time indoors. Because the buildings are relatively closed, the indoor air pollution is five times as much as the outdoor air pollution, so the indoor air pollution has a greater impact on our health.

It still takes a process and time to recognize new things, but although air purifiers have just become popular in the civilian field, they have already been widely used in medical, industrial and military industries.

You may have heard of the dangers of outdoor air pollution, but did you know that indoor air can also be deadly? In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality may be five times more polluted than outdoor air.

The air purifier can help remove harmful particles, VOC and odor in the air you breathe, and keep your home safe for you and your family. However, before you buy air purifiers for yourself or others in your life, you should know exactly how they work, so that you can buy the best things for them! If the concentration of VOCS, fine particles, heavy metal particles, harmful gases and radioactive substances in the indoor environment is too high for a long time, it may damage our health in many ways.

In addition, the exhaust gas generated by people's breathing, smog entering the room from the outside, harmful substances after decoration, and pollution from nearby industrial and automobile exhaust will all be harmed due to lack of ventilation.

How does the air purifier work? Why do I buy it?

How to tell if air purifier is working?First of all, the most important thing to consider when buying an air purifier is the purification performance, price and brand of the product. At present, there are many air purifiers on the market, and the product quality is uneven.

The working principle of the air purifier is to capture and remove harmful particles, VOC and various odors from the air you breathe.

If you have asthma, allergic rhinitis or other respiratory diseases, the air purifier can help you breathe more easily. Air purifier is also a good solution for people living in air polluted areas. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology found that buildings equipped with HEPA filters can remove 99% of particles, while buildings without filters can only remove 28% of particles.

I want to buy it, but I don't know how to choose an air purifier?

For ordinary users, it is impossible to have a professional instrument to test the performance of each air purifier, so when purchasing an air purifier, the first consideration should be a big brand. As soon as Jafanda 999 air purifier was launched, it won the praise of numerous users.

Let's take a look at seven questions you may have about the air purifier:

● How much should I spend?

● What filter is suitable for me and my family?Best time of year to buy an air purifier?

● Is there anything else I should consider when purchasing an air purifier?

● How long will it last?

● Do they work well in large rooms such as the living room or kitchen? Do they also apply to bedrooms, living rooms, offices or meeting rooms?

● Can I use it all year round or only during allergy season?

● Where is the best place to put the air purifier at home?

In actual use, it is better to be close to people, such as sofa, bedside, desk, etc.

Don't pay too much attention to the height. Jafanda 999 air purifier adopts the patented design of double air inlet and double air outlet to make the air flow more smooth.

My home is very big. What air purifier do I need to buy to completely purify it?

Jafanda 999 air purifier has 588CFM high CADR, high efficiency and low consumption, and has passed ETL, California 65 and Energy Star certification.

If you have a large house, then we suggest you buy a large CADR air purifier, which can cover 915 feet, so that the air in such a space can be purified 5 times per hour. Especially for pet owners, smokers and allergic people, the air purifier with large CADR is more needed. 

The house has just been renovated. What air purifier is easy to use?

If you have just renovated your home, it is a good idea to use an air purifier. The best time to buy an air purifier is when you decorate your house. It is important to choose the right air purifier for your home. Select an air purifier equipped with an activated carbon filter, which can quickly filter the VOC gas released by the building decoration materials in the newly decorated room. However, it is better to buy an additional set of filter screen, because the filter screen needs to be replaced in time when the VOC release in the newly decorated space is large, so as to ensure the air quality.

The air purifier can remove harmful particles from the air you breathe.

The air purifier is designed to capture particles in the air, especially PM2.5, which is invisible to us, and remove it from the home or office. They can remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens that may make you sick. They can also remove smoke odors and odor molecules associated with cooking. If you have pets at home, the air purifier can help remove pet dander and pet allergy.

The air purifier can also remove bacteria and viruses from the air. Because bacteria and viruses themselves are adsorbed on the surface of particles, if someone in your family is ill, it is better to use the air purifier when they are ill.


No matter why you want an air purifier, it is important to understand how it works and how much you should spend on one. If you have any questions about whether the air purifier is suitable for your home, please feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you answer any questions about our products and services so that you can make the best decision when choosing different models.


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