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Why do you have sore throat after using essential oil diffuser? Can essential oil diffuser cause sore throat

Why do you have sore throat after using essential oil diffuser? Can essential oil diffuser cause sore throat


If you often use essential oil, you may notice sore throat after using essential oil diffuser. If this is the first time you have this situation, it may be because you are allergic or sensitive to the essential oil used. However, after using the essential oil diffuser, the throat may feel irritated. Using diffuser sore throat have other reasons:

Some essential oils are irritating to the respiratory tract, throat and lungs.

Most essential oil diffusers volatilize essential oil by heating the essential oil, which is easy to deteriorate when heated, and releases harmful VOCs during heating, resulting in indoor pollution. 

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are invisible odorless gases harmful to human health. Volatile organic compounds may cause excessive mucus in the lungs, leading to congestion and other respiratory problems. VOC can also cause spots on the skin, sore throat and eye irritation, and affect the immune system.

If you have used the essential oil diffuser for a period of time and find that it will cause discomfort in these parts of your body, it is time to consider whether you should continue to use it.


The use of oil diffusers in poorly ventilated rooms may cause sore throat. 

If you use an oil diffuser in a poorly ventilated room, the essential oil is likely to remain in the air. This will cause them to become concentrated and irritate your throat.

In addition, if there are allergens such as dust or pollen in the room where you use the essential oil diffuser, they will also be trapped inside. When these allergens are mixed with concentrated essential oil, they may irritate the throat and respiratory tract.


You can choose Jafanda JF180: 3-in-1 desktop air purifier 

The Jafanda JF180 is different from most diffusers on the market. This is an air purifier, a vaneless fan, and a room temperature aromatherapy diffuser. It fulfills all three expectations of our products in one device. We can solve three problems with only one device: the important thing is that it uses normal temperature without heating, the essential oil will not deteriorate, and the essential oil can be used more healthily, so as to achieve cleaner air, faster cooling, and the use of essential oil without heating, and the diffusion speed is fast. It is a perfect choice for home office.



After using essential oil, it is better to use the diffusion method at room temperature. Jafanda JF180 3-in-1 desktop air purifier is a good choice.

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