Why do pregnant women need air purifiers more? Air Purifier: A Safe Choice During Pregnancy

Why do pregnant women need air purifiers more? Air Purifier: A Safe Choice During Pregnancy


Pregnant women are a special group. Because the metabolic function of the body changes greatly during pregnancy, the risk of complications from environmental pollutants is increased. A recent study found that exposure to particulate matter and chemical pollutants during pregnancy can lead to abnormal birth weight and premature delivery. The benefits of air purifier during pregnancy include protecting their health and the health of their unborn children by reducing indoor air pollution.


Pregnant women are more vulnerable to pollution

Pregnant women are more vulnerable to pollution than others. The fetus is not only a more sensitive target, but also can absorb pollutants through the placenta and be affected by pollutants in the mother's blood.


This is why pregnant women need air purifiers: the lungs of the fetus are not fully developed, so they need as much help as possible when filtering out harmful particles, otherwise these particles may stay in the respiratory system or cause damage to their vulnerable organs.

Effects of particulates on cardiovascular health

If you are pregnant, it is important to know that when you are exposed to pollutants, your risk of cardiovascular disease is higher. These tiny particles and chemical pollutants will enter your blood and increase inflammation in your body, thus increasing the risk of heart disease. They also exacerbate asthma, which is more common during pregnancy than at other times. Finally, they may lead to premature birth, which is a serious problem that requires the attention of doctors and family members.

Exposure to particulates and chemical contaminants may lead to abnormal birth weight and premature delivery

The adverse effects of newborn infants exposed to particulate matter and chemical pollutants have been fully confirmed. Exposure to higher levels of particulate matter and chemical pollutants is associated with low birth weight, premature delivery and pre eclampsia, a complication of pregnancy that can lead to hypertension and organ damage.

Pregnant women have a higher risk of exposure to pollutants

It should be noted that pregnant women have a higher risk of exposure to pollutants. Pregnant women breathe more air than non pregnant women, which means they are exposed to more pollutants.

Most pregnant women work in offices or other indoor environments, and they may be exposed to harmful chemicals through the air they breathe and touch. If they live in a polluted area, or their house contains toxic substances such as lead paint, which may cause infant development disorders, they may also be exposed at home. Even when traveling, pregnant women are often surrounded by pollutants. Whether it is planes, trains or cars, these means of transportation can not let them escape the toxins in the air.

Benefits of using air purifiers for pregnant women

In addition to reducing allergen exposure, the air purifier can also help reduce the following conditions:


  • Bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses in the air are known to cause respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold, flu or other types of pneumonia. A study published in 1999 concluded that these two infections account for about 80 per cent of deaths worldwide each year. You are more vulnerable during pregnancy, so it is particularly important for you to fight back with clean indoor air!


  • Hazardous chemicals (such as VOC). VOC is a colorless gas, mostly odorous, used in many household products, including furniture finishes, glue and paint. If inhaled in high concentration for a long time, it may pose a serious risk to health (even short-term exposure may lead to cancer). Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce family contact: proper ventilation when painting; Select low VOC paint and finish; Use dehumidifiers in the basement where these products are stored; wait...


  • Second hand smoke (indoor smoking). If you smoke at home during pregnancy, you should know that compared with non-smokers who do not smoke indoors at all, this activity can reduce the birth weight of newborns by 10%! If possible, I suggest giving up smoking completely, but even if they don't smoke indoors, they can greatly reduce their risk, so that they can stay indoors more comfortably during pregnancy, and won't feel uncomfortable because they spend all day around second-hand smoke - considering how long we stay indoors now, this may be a huge problem!


How to reduce indoor air pollutants with air purifier

The air purifiers can remove particles from the air. Particles are tiny pieces and dust that enter your home, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and pet dander. These particles may cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in patients with asthma or other allergies.


The air purifier removes VOC and other harmful chemicals from the air. Most of the harmful chemicals are poisonous and harmful to human body, and they are also allergens that cause some people's allergies or asthma attacks.


Air purifiers help reduce odors, as they capture odorous contaminants through filters.


Air purifiers help protect the health of pregnant women in many ways

Pregnant women can benefit from the use of air purifiers in many ways. Air purifiers help reduce exposure to harmful pollutants, thereby reducing the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. They can also reduce the risk of asthma in children and reduce symptoms of respiratory problems such as allergies.




Finally, we hope this article can help you understand why air purifiers are an important part of daily life. Whether you are pregnant or not, these machines can bring many benefits to your health. They can reduce pollutants and allergens in the air, prevent dust from accumulating on furniture and clothes, and even prevent mold from forming in wet environments such as bathrooms! Invest in an air purifier today, and tomorrow you can bring better long-term health to yourself or the people around you.

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